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Find Your Voice

Having watched so many videos exposing instances of animal cruelty recently, it made me think about the cause of all this suffering, and what could be done about it.

The easy option is to keep our heads stuck firmly in the sand, pat our dogs or stroke our cats whilst supporting the terrible cruelty in modern intensive farming today.

The easy option is to say, well what can I do, I am just one person.

The easy option is to let the giant supermarkets and the meat industry continue to give us what we want at a price that salves our conscience.

If we all think that our lone voices will not make a difference, then nothing will ever change. But if we all make the choice as individuals to do something, we will become the united voice for change that the big organisations will have to listen to.

Just a small change by a lot of people can make a big difference, if everybody gave up eating animal products just one day it would prevent the suffering for millions of animals around the World.

Go on…. Try giving up for just one day a week, and be part of something great.


A Short Rant

I woke this morning and listened to the doom and gloom that is the news. Along with the stories of tornadoes and wars, I noted Princess Ann encouraging people to eat horses to improve welfare and DEFRA falling out among themselves over yet another extension to the badger cull.

It seems to me that we are focusing on the results of our actions and not the causes

Indiscriminate breeding of horses causes the horse problems, modern farming practices causes the badger problems. It’s the same for dogs, cats, guinea pigs and all pets and wildlife that we “manage”

Until we admit that we create the problems, we will continue to justify the actions we are forced to take to clear up the mess.

I now believe that treating the results of the problems we cause could be making it worse.

What do you believe?



Dusk red light through leafy roof

Reveals a nose sniffing for proof

That no danger exists close by

Now head with stripe exposed to sky


Moving off no time to wait

Down well-worn path and under gate

She completes her tasks along the way

The same as she does every day


Then back to den so much to do

Clean out the set and rouse her crew

Five perfect cubs from down below

Emerge and play in the moons glow


With bedding changed and chores all done

Now is the time to have some fun

She gives one cub a playful nip

He jumps and rolls and makes a yip


She looks after all her family

It is just how nature should be

But humans being what we are

Will decide her fate from afar


And one night soon her cubs will learn

That mother never will return

And so alone under a dark cold sky

The cubs will one by one all die


We justify our killing spree

By saying badgers must not run free

Because they spread death and disease

Will bring our farmers to their knees


It’s not the badgers we should blame

There guilt’s not proven it is a shame

Its farming that has caused this grief

And all because we want cheap beef


When will we stop and realise

That all creatures under the skies

Deserve respect, a place to live

It is a gift only we can give


Paul Svendsen

September 2013

Protest Against The Badger Cull

The trial badger cull has started in Somerset. Add your voice to the thousands already fighting this inhumane Government backed slaughter at;


Whats wrong with what we eat?

Mark Bittman: What’s wrong with what we eat

Have a look at this video, it should make you think about your eating habits!

For instance did you know;

  • Seventy billion animals are factory farmed and eaten in the World every year!

  • That each of the Worlds 1.5 billion cows emits the same amount of methane as a car!

  • That more antibiotics are used in the treatment of of factory farmed animals than in humans and then these untested drugs find their way into the human food chain.

  • That if you eat meat on a regular basis you are 20% more likely to get cancer later in life!

Thoughts on Life

The leaves are blown by an unruly wind

soon to be cast down upon the hard unyielding earth

and blown across barren wastes that were once beautiful forests.

In time those leaves are absorbed by that barren soil

and feed and nourish a new and ever growing forest.

If you compare our lives with those of the leaves

you will find that many of us although blown by a similar wind

never try to feed or nourish any but ourselves.

I hope in a World of hate and anger enough leaves will be left

to nourish a new forest.

Paul Svendsen

April 1978


Badger Cull Posponed

The badger cull has now been postponed until next summer, you can read about the details of the postponement on the DEFRA website but how can we find a solution to the long-term problem?

In my recent post “An argument for saving badgers” some ideas were put forward but it ignored the option of vaccinating the susceptible badger population. Although this is not a short-term solution within ten years it could significantly reduce cross infection between badgers and bovine. It could also provide jobs for hundreds of people in the countryside. Have a read of this article from DEFRA where they explain the process and the availability of training courses.

Before this short reprieve period runs out we need to find an alternative, WTFAW will be looking at ways of promoting this option and others but everybody who cares about animal welfare needs to get involved.

Please share your views and ideas and follow the WTFAW projects posts to see what you can do!

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