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Is TNR (Trap Neuter Release) good or bad?

We already have 6 rescue cats and could easily have many more as there are thousands of feral and abandoned cats in Spain but how do you deal with this difficult and emotive problem?

Juan Antonio, one of our six rescued cats

Juan Antonio, one of our six rescued cats

People love having kittens but very rarely have them neutered, resulting in an increasing population and a lot of welfare groups trying to deal with the ones that are not wanted.

Where I live the official method of control by the local authorities is to catch the stray/feral cats and destroy them.

The Trap Neuter and Release system works by trapping feral cats checking to see they are healthy and have no transmittable diseases, neutering them and releasing them back to the place they were trapped following up with health care and supplementary feed.

The idea is that by doing this a stable sustainable healthy population of cats remains. If you simply take all the cats from an area and kill them a vacuum is produced which is then populated by more feral cats and the cycle continues.

WTFAW is considering starting a trial project here in Southern Spain and would be interested to hear the views of its readers on this as there are strong views for and against the practice.

Please let us know your views on this.


Paul Svendsen

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