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Here are some of the reviews for AWAKENING from the Amazon download site. 

Have a read and add your own 🙂

Fascinating read in which the action kept on going retaining my attention throughout.
Different to anything I’ve read before – some page turning moments that promise further books that keep you reading after bedtime!
loved this book it was different ,interesting and holds the promise of more to come well done a very good delivery and looks like a follow up will be a natural process i look forward to more
 I normally read fiction based on fact, I saw this authors blog site while I was looking for a new read. I started reading the taster on the blog site and was hooked straight away, it’s totally different to anything I’ve read before. Give it a go as I have you will be bloody amazed……
 I really enjoyed the story, it kept me gripped. The animal communication is a novel concept. Looking forward to discovering what happens in the next book.

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