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If animals could say please stop

Would that halt the deadly chop

Would it make us change our ways

And give them happy carefree days


If, as the knackers blade came down

His victim did just more than frown

If animals shouted loud and clear

Would anybody want to hear


Would their voices newly found

Fall on fertile caring ground

Or would we all just turn away

And let the knackers have their day

Without TB

Without TB what would I be

Without you bent on killing me

Left alone to roam at night

Not within an infrared sight


You say I bring death and disease

I bring your cattle to their knees

But your methods are most alarming

You should blame your modern farming

A thousand chickens crammed in tight

Lights on by day and on by night

Forced to lay and peck and die

Never to see the grass or sky


Pigs and cattle treated the same

All suffer for consumers gain

Force fed food and drugs and more

Delivered fresh killed to your door

Mother Nature will not just stand by

And see her animals suffer and die

She will and has taken steps you see

You call it bovine TB

Tip of the Horseburg

 It’s the tip of the Horseburg

Why are we surprised

Did you think they were honest

Would never tell lies

Once killed any animal

Soul gone to the skies

Can end up in burgers

In any disguise

Millions are spent

In search of a profit

We never will know

What it is while we scoff it

You think it’s just horse

Don’t be a fool

It’s every equine

Horse, donkey and mule

We breed them as pets

We breed them for sport

We use them and sell them

With no further thought


From being a pet

Given love for a time

They end up as burgers

It should be a crime

So stop breeding horses

It’s never too late

Stop breeding animals

Take meat off your plate

Paul Svendsen Feb 2013

January Blues

I’ve got the January blues

Resolutions hard to keep

When I get up in the morning

I wish I was still asleep

I’ve got the January blues

It’s nice and warm indoors

I would rather have another snooze

Then go out and do my chores

I’ve got the January blues

I think I’ll sit a while

I really will get on with things

Just after Jeremy Kyle


A Christmas Poem

Have a Veggie Nice Christmas


Have a veggie nice Christmas

There’s no problem with that

But don’t eat a turkey

Would you eat your cat?


Have a veggie nice Christmas

You do not need meat

A turkey is happiest

When he’s still on his feet


Have a veggie nice Christmas

Let the animals be

Put the present of life

Under your Christmas tree

Paul Svendsen


If Animals Could Talk

Sometimes you can express your feelings about life more easily with a poem or rhyme.


If we asked calves with no room to move
To tell us how they feel
Do you think that they would say
Can’t wait to be your veal

If questioned would a foie gras goose
Retort, I don’t know why
You have to force my food in
So much until I die

Or put this questions to a sheep
Are you really such a glutton
Would he reply, it’s not for me
I’m just producing mutton

The chickens crowded in the shed
So crammed they have to fight
Would they say, get us out of here
We want to see the light

And standing in the farrowing crate
Would the sow be heard to say
If I could reach my piglets
I would take them far away

But animals can’t talk, can’t say a word
They don’t have any choices
And even if they could
Would we still ignore the voices?

Paul Svendsen

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