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I’m a Rat

I’m a rat nothing wrong with me

We’ve been around through history

We are blamed for spreading disease

Our actions bring you to your knees

We like to take what you throw away

The pile grows bigger every day

You waste so much that it’s not hard

To be a rat in your back yard

You store up food you will never use

You farm other species and abuse

We have evolved into what we are

With your waste we will go far

You poison, trap and shoot our kind

Our presence drives you out of your mind

But you are the reason that we thrive

Your actions make sure we stay alive

We could teach you so much us rats

But you will just ignore the facts

We will never live in harmony

So your world will never be rat free

Paul Svendsen

He Knew

He knew

The one in the middle

Crushed by a hundred of his kind

He knew as did they all


Trapped inside the rumbling beast

All sound stopped except his own

The light of day not welcome now

Streaming in through widening maw


Goaded prodded screaming in protest

No chance to evade the sticks of pain

Hearing screams in front cut short

Moving inexorably forward towards his own end


If only they knew he knew

If they could share his terror, his fear

In his executioner, he met uncaring eyes

As honed blade stole life, he knew

As We All Stood By

If you watch this video to the end you will see that it is not only millions of animals that suffer through our greed……

…..but ultimately ourselves.


As we all stood by

the breath of a thousand young  souls

leaking from hot cramped cages

as the lorries roll into the abattoir

terror the common denominator

As we all stood by

cage opens legs grabbed terror increases

wings flapping useless, voices screaming

bodies hung on hooks no chance of escape

moving towards there mechanical end

 As we all stood by

electric shocks stun, heads and wings hang

knives cut, steam scalds, bodies ready

in automated measure all trace of life removed

prepared packed and chilled souls still departing

As we all stood by

special offer today no more cheep just cheap

detached from reality the deed done for us

shielded from the responsibility of wielding the blade

we ask no questions, don’t want the answers

As we all stood by



How can we hurt whales?

Breathe Again

I rise to meet the salty roof of my world

To breathe the life giving air and then again

To dive deep to safety sounding my intent

The risk is above but I need to breathe


Over vast distances we communicate with power

Our voices reaching kin a hundred miles distant

We tell of events giving news of life and death

And listen to the danger closing from all sides


The thrum of steel goliaths is a constant companion

Their alien sounds drives fear deep into our ancient hearts

They move above with greedy and relentless intent

They will turn our watery world blood red

For thousands of years our journeys gave us life

Now they are the cause of our demise

The steel goliaths know well our plans

But we cannot change and we must breathe


Screams of anguish from ancient friends close by

Invade the senses and warn me to dive, but I cannot

I must rise; I need the life giving air to fill my lungs

I must risk again the steel and explosion of death


So close now the time to expose my life once again

Light now infusing my world with terrible images

I know the voices wracked with pain and despair

I feel for their souls ripped unprepared from body


My turn now a final push, I drive upwards just one intent

Leaving my world of watery support for seconds only

To breathe enough life giving air to live a while longer

Then dive to the safety of the deep beyond goliaths reach


Human eyes with vicious intent focus on my mortality

The goliath drives against salty embrace to reach me

In haste to end my life to launch spear and explosion

A greed fuelled finger can end my existence now


I fall towards the wave capped border of my world

Lungs filled I hear a deafening roar, a hiss of ruptured air

All that I am and was lives or dies in these seconds

Decided in this moment of ultimate greed


In an explosion of a thousand watery tons

I enter my world again and dive for safety

Sounding my return to friend and family

Above the roar, bang and scream of goliath thwarted


I have survived again to dive deep and be safe

To rejoice my survival for a little while longer

But above the goliath with patient malice waits

For me to breathe again



If animals could say please stop

Would that halt the deadly chop

Would it make us change our ways

And give them happy carefree days


If, as the knackers blade came down

His victim did just more than frown

If animals shouted loud and clear

Would anybody want to hear


Would their voices newly found

Fall on fertile caring ground

Or would we all just turn away

And let the knackers have their day



Aliens came to view our ways

They stayed with us for many days

Their mission to see if we deserved

A gift that kept our lives preserved


They came before long time ago

With seeds of life to scatter and sow

Upon the land in sea and sky

And then they left and time passed by


Now they are back and they can see

The damage done by humanity

The planet given with good intent

Now if not broken badly bent


They see the millions killed by war

Fuelled by greed and fed by poor

They see creatures of land and sea

Living lives of misery


They see the rivers and the seas

Dying slowly by degrees

They see the fallen forests lie

They know their gift will slowly die


This made the aliens very sad

It also made them mighty mad

So they decided to start anew

It was the only thing to do


They snuffed out all life in a day

And started fresh as is their way

They sowed again but had a plan

They did not include the seeds of man



Dusk red light through leafy roof

Reveals a nose sniffing for proof

That no danger exists close by

Now head with stripe exposed to sky


Moving off no time to wait

Down well-worn path and under gate

She completes her tasks along the way

The same as she does every day


Then back to den so much to do

Clean out the set and rouse her crew

Five perfect cubs from down below

Emerge and play in the moons glow


With bedding changed and chores all done

Now is the time to have some fun

She gives one cub a playful nip

He jumps and rolls and makes a yip


She looks after all her family

It is just how nature should be

But humans being what we are

Will decide her fate from afar


And one night soon her cubs will learn

That mother never will return

And so alone under a dark cold sky

The cubs will one by one all die


We justify our killing spree

By saying badgers must not run free

Because they spread death and disease

Will bring our farmers to their knees


It’s not the badgers we should blame

There guilt’s not proven it is a shame

Its farming that has caused this grief

And all because we want cheap beef


When will we stop and realise

That all creatures under the skies

Deserve respect, a place to live

It is a gift only we can give


Paul Svendsen

September 2013

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