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Here are some of the reviews for AWAKENING from the Amazon download site. 

Have a read and add your own 🙂

Fascinating read in which the action kept on going retaining my attention throughout.
Different to anything I’ve read before – some page turning moments that promise further books that keep you reading after bedtime!
loved this book it was different ,interesting and holds the promise of more to come well done a very good delivery and looks like a follow up will be a natural process i look forward to more
 I normally read fiction based on fact, I saw this authors blog site while I was looking for a new read. I started reading the taster on the blog site and was hooked straight away, it’s totally different to anything I’ve read before. Give it a go as I have you will be bloody amazed……
 I really enjoyed the story, it kept me gripped. The animal communication is a novel concept. Looking forward to discovering what happens in the next book.

What type of book is Awakening?

If you like “The Lord of the Rings” and “Merlin”  mixed with a healthy dose of  “Animal Farm”, then AWAKENING, the first in the Chronicles of Banain, is a book you should try.

Set five thousand years in the future it follows the life of Banain, a child born in to post apocalyptic earth with very special powers. Almost wiped out as a species by the terrible storms and freezing conditions in a world that is now half covered in ice, man is just starting to dominate the planet again.

But this time the animals are bigger, more intelligent, and can talk!

At just three months old, Banain is rescued from the jaws of death by an eagle called Krys. This event sets in motion the roller coaster adventure that is Banain’s life and sees him joining forces with the immortals, who train his mental and physical abilities.

Banain has to grow beyond his years quickly if he is to survive, and with the help of the immortals and his animal friends, save the world from destruction again. 

Why not read the first few chapters and if you like it download or buy AWAKENING. You can read the reviews here.


Could a Golden Eagle take a baby?

In AWAKENING The Chronicles of Banain, Krys, a golden Eagle who is twenty-five percent larger than the species of today, rescues Banain from the Jaws of Honi. She is an Arctic Wolf, also hugely developed both mentally and physically from the wolves found on earth today. 

If this video is real, a Golden Eagle manages to lift a baby from the ground. Do you think its true?

This is the part in AWAKENING when Krys rescues the child, Banain:

Running flat out, with her head slightly cocked to one side so she could hear both in front and behind, Honi sensed a human closing in on the baby. She calculated that they would reach it before she did, so she changed her direction to intercept. She caught the human just before it reached the child, hitting from behind and to the right. The force of the attack knocked the human to the ground. Because of the last minute change in direction, Honi only managed to get her teeth into its arm. Just as she was about to go for the neck, she heard renewed cries from the child, which reminded her of her original objective. Dropping Nimean’s arm, Honi moved in for the kill.

A little distance away, Judoc had managed to crawl from where Bodolf and the other starving wolves were feasting on the soldiers. He propped himself upright just in time to see Honi’s attack on Nimean. He still had the bow and arrows. A bow was not his best tool, but he knew how to use one. Selecting a shaft as fast as he could, he let fly at the wolf attacking his partner. Just as the arrow left the bow, the wolf leapt from Nimean and started towards Banain again. The arrow passed dangerously close to Nimean as she rose to protect her son.

Judoc fitted another arrow and fired. As he followed the flight of the arrow towards the target, a golden brown apparition appeared from above, wings beating furiously to slow its descent and talons outstretched. Almost in slow motion, Judoc watched in horror as a massive eagle grabbed hold of his baby and flew back into the air. He saw the arrow glance off the side of the wolf’s head just as it lunged for Banain and deflect into the eagle’s left wing, passing through and exiting the other side. 

The excruciating pain in her wing caused Krys to tilt crazily to the left and start to drop towards the ground. Drawing on every fibre of her reserve, she forced the wing to extend and, with centimeters to spare, managed to work it again. Then she started to ascend. 

Read AWAKENING The Chronicles of Banain, for an exiting tale, set in a time where super large and intelligent animals fight for their right to survive.


I have just finished updating the CHRONICLES OF BANAIN blog-site. I will be posting regular updates and information about the concepts behind the book .

Please let me know what you think.

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