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Horse Meat in Beef Burgers!

The latest animal welfare news to hit press relates to horse meat being present in beef burgers at Tesco’s, there have been  many outraged complaints from people who are concerned that they may have eaten horse instead of beef! As I listened to the article I started asking myself why?

I have also been reading about the planned slaughter of whales by the Japanese, I had downloaded the minutes of a meeting between interested countries and parties and what hit me most was the gulf between the views of the animal welfare /environmental lobby, the whalers and other commercial participants.

One comment stuck in my mind from the Japanese perspective which was “why should whaling be seen as anything different to the farming of any other animals” the Japanese feel that they are being treated unfairly and that the animal welfare groups use emotional blackmail to put pressure on them to change their practices.

I am not in favour of eating horse whale or in fact any other sentient being but I can see a certain hypocritical aspect to some elements within the animal welfare community. Unless we can truly say that our personal actions do no harm to animals do we have we the right to criticize the actions of some sectors of the farming community whilst supporting others?

Is it crueller to kill a baby dolphin then a chick or a lamb, is the distress any less? Many people are happy to eat a range of farmed animals inured from the realities of the process involved in the treatment and killing of their food whilst decrying the actions of whale and dolphin slaughterers.

There could be an argument to say that at least whales and dolphins had a natural life before falling foul of their executioners whilst many farmed lives live in abject misery before becoming our food.

The problem as I see it is to do with lack of self-motivation and apathy, we live in a society where we are encouraged to take the easy route through life, millions of pounds/dollars are spent every year on marketing meat products in such a way that we are shielded from the reality of the consequences of our actions, and it is not only the animals that are suffering, in the UK alone over 50% of the population is obese and the production of meat to feed the millions takes a staggering toll on the environment.

And what do we do when we have produced all this food? We throw away or waste over 50% around the World!

And it is not just our requirements for food that cause problems for the animal species on this planet, our love of pets and our use of animals for sport and recreation causes a great deal of misery, neglect and disrespect for animal life.

Many people will say “if we make small steps we will eventually solve the problem” but if you think about it how can you help solve a problem if you are part of it? Also by attacking certain parts of the farming community whilst supporting others we undermine our own principles lessening the value of our arguments. We all need to become less polarised and in many cases put our own houses in order before attacking others.

Like most things in life the responsibility for animal welfare and most other matters of concern with our planet lie not with large corporations, government or other bodies who we can conveniently blame for the atrocities they commit, but with us the consumers of animal products, the users of resources, the need that feeds the demand.

The consumer dictates what the corporations produce for us although they will try and sway our choices. If enough people gave up using animal products and demanded more animal/environmental friendly solutions then someone would produce them, because in the end it comes down to supply and demand.

Ok so this “Utopia” is a long way off but for me unless I am clear about what my objectives are now how can I work towards my long term goal? And of course my Utopia is another person’s hell, as a reader you need to decide where your life values lead you.

If you want to be “animal friendly” then don’t do it piece meal, embrace the whole philosophy and make those changes to your lifestyle that if emulated by us all would make a real and genuine difference. The benefits of an animal friendly diet do not stop at ending the suffering for animals, you should also benefit from a healthier lifestyle and significant financial savings.

Over the next couple of months I will be publishing articles that go into how you can benefit including;

  • The advantages of an Animal Friendly diet
  • An AF meal planner
  • Saving money eating AF

And a survey designed to find out our true AF credentials

I look forward to hearing your comments on this post

Paul Svendsen

New Year’s Resolution Musings

Around now is the most difficult time to stick to resolutions we made at the end of 2012. I got up this morning and nearly didn’t do the 30 mins of exercise I promised myself I would do three times a week. In the end I did and now I am sat at the keyboard feeling pleased with myself, but it’s that short space that is just before the event that is most difficult, when you say to yourself “I will do it tomorrow” and I know if I do that, tomorrow will never come!

This is the problem with most things in life that you have to make an effort to achieve, it is easier to put them off until you can say to yourself, well it’s too late to start now I will do it for sure next time or next year.

The strange thing is that when you do achieve your objectives you feel great about it, yet it does not seem to be a strong enough motivator to combat the lethargy that comes before the event

If you have any tips you can share to achieve your objectives then let me and the other readers know

Happy New Years Resolutions!


Food and Lifestyle

One way we can all help to improve animal welfare is to stop eating meat or at least try to make sure that the animals we do eat have been treated humanely.

In some countries it can be very difficult to find good restaurants or suppliers of animal friendly products so one of the ways WTFAW will try to help is to publish and share information to make an animal friendly lifestyle less difficult.

For instance here is a great resource that I have used for several years.

Happy Cow Banner

Please click on our Food Links page to find a great animal friendly resource or if you know of other animal friendly resources please fill in the form below to help build up the list.

Thanks and a Happy New Year to you all


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