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Soaring Free

Soaring free in clear blue sky

We love to live we love to fly

In formation one behind the other

Mother, father, sister, brother

We see the lake we dip our wings

The long descent to supper begins

We call out now to all around

A happy joyous raucous sound

The final turn nearly there

After days of living in the air

Rest at last eat and drink

Fold our wings that’s what we think

A puff of smoke and then another

I look behind and see my brother

Lurch left and fall his wing blood red

His eyes fear filled within his head

We watch him fall and shout out loud

Break left break right don’t be a crowd

Don’t give them chance to end our days

But pellets streak through the smoke haze

They hit us hard rip flesh smash bone

Our joyous shouts turned scream and groan

I try to turn and climb escape

But it’s too late it’s not my fate

I feel the pellets enter, rip

My climb falters I start to dip

My heart pumps crazily fuelled with fright

but with damaged wings there is no flight

Please spare me this don’t let me die

I want to stay up in the sky

Don’t want my family blown away

Don’t want our lives to end this way

But it’s no good the guns keep on

Our lives are stolen one by one

Our blood flies with us in the sky

I try to shout a last goodbye

The ground where we should catch our breath

Is now only a place of death

We head there now all broken things

lifeless souls with bloodied wings.

Paul Svendsen

January 2013 ©

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