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Over 5,000 equines to slaughter each month

The economic crisis in Spain means over 5,000 equines go to slaughter each month.

Since the recession started the number of horses and donkeys finding themselves in trouble all over Europe has risen and in Spain values and demand has dropped abruptly. The reaction from many breeders and owners is to sell their animals for slaughter resulting in a glut of animals resulting in terrible welfare consequences .Spain has always exported animals for meat to other European countries but the number must have increased over the last few years.

WTFAW is researching what the effects of this are as how we can help but finding data on export figures and the markets involved is difficult. If any reader has information that can help throw some light on the latest situation please get in contact.

I will post more info on this and a plan of action as soon as we have completed the research.

Paul Svendsen

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