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Badger Cull Works in Ireland?

Here is an interesting article about the culling of badgers in Southern Ireland.

I am still of the opinion that culling has little to do with the decline in the number of cases of bovine TB. In Ireland a whole raft of other measures were introduced at the same time, such as a much more draconian movement of livestock regime.

The Irish government has stated that their preferred control method would be to vaccinate. but at the moment it is not cost-effective.

Perhaps all the large animal welfare charities and government should, instead of fighting each other, work together to raise enough funds to vaccinate.

The Cost of a Pizza

This recent report in the Guardian highlights the terrible suffering animals go through to provide our favorite foods.

Cow abuse video

This is just the tip of a greed driven industry fueled by cost cutting consumers.

Are we really content to let over 55 billion animals suffer every year in this way?


Apart from the animal cruelty issues, there are many health concerns with eating meat. Read the information from the charity “EVOLVE” if you want to find out more…or perhaps you don’t!

Make your 2014 resolution to either cut down on or give up eating animals….

…and make the World a kinder and healthier place to live (for all of us)

Common sense comes late in the day for hundreds of Badgers!

Click the link below to see the BBC report on the Badger Cull.

What a shame so many badgers had to die before they realised they were wrong! I just hope that they will now go down the vaccination route.


A Short Rant

I woke this morning and listened to the doom and gloom that is the news. Along with the stories of tornadoes and wars, I noted Princess Ann encouraging people to eat horses to improve welfare and DEFRA falling out among themselves over yet another extension to the badger cull.

It seems to me that we are focusing on the results of our actions and not the causes

Indiscriminate breeding of horses causes the horse problems, modern farming practices causes the badger problems. It’s the same for dogs, cats, guinea pigs and all pets and wildlife that we “manage”

Until we admit that we create the problems, we will continue to justify the actions we are forced to take to clear up the mess.

I now believe that treating the results of the problems we cause could be making it worse.

What do you believe?

Whats wrong with what we eat?

Mark Bittman: What’s wrong with what we eat

Have a look at this video, it should make you think about your eating habits!

For instance did you know;

  • Seventy billion animals are factory farmed and eaten in the World every year!

  • That each of the Worlds 1.5 billion cows emits the same amount of methane as a car!

  • That more antibiotics are used in the treatment of of factory farmed animals than in humans and then these untested drugs find their way into the human food chain.

  • That if you eat meat on a regular basis you are 20% more likely to get cancer later in life!

Is TNR (Trap Neuter Release) good or bad?

We already have 6 rescue cats and could easily have many more as there are thousands of feral and abandoned cats in Spain but how do you deal with this difficult and emotive problem?

Juan Antonio, one of our six rescued cats

Juan Antonio, one of our six rescued cats

People love having kittens but very rarely have them neutered, resulting in an increasing population and a lot of welfare groups trying to deal with the ones that are not wanted.

Where I live the official method of control by the local authorities is to catch the stray/feral cats and destroy them.

The Trap Neuter and Release system works by trapping feral cats checking to see they are healthy and have no transmittable diseases, neutering them and releasing them back to the place they were trapped following up with health care and supplementary feed.

The idea is that by doing this a stable sustainable healthy population of cats remains. If you simply take all the cats from an area and kill them a vacuum is produced which is then populated by more feral cats and the cycle continues.

WTFAW is considering starting a trial project here in Southern Spain and would be interested to hear the views of its readers on this as there are strong views for and against the practice.

Please let us know your views on this.


Paul Svendsen

Badger Culls Going Ahead in June

The following press release issued in February 2013 confirms that the culling of badgers will go ahead in West Somerset and West Gloucestershire.

Despite scientific evidence which questions the validity of the DEFRA case for culling, thousands of these animals will be slaughtered from June this year.

Please join the campaign to STOP this from going ahead at http://www.savethebadger.com/

Press release

Badger culls to go ahead this summer

The pilot culls will last for 6 weeks and will be repeated annually for four years.
Two pilot badger culls to tackle the spread of bovine TB will go ahead this summer in West Gloucestershire and West Somerset, Environment Secretary Owen Paterson confirmed today. Speaking at the National Farmers Union (NFU) annual conference, Mr Paterson announced that authorisation letters have been issued by Natural England confirming the culls can proceed this summer. Mr Paterson also announced a reserve pilot will also be prepared in Dorset in the event that unforeseen circumstances prevent one of the cull areas from being used. This is part of the ongoing planning to ensure there are no delays to the cull proceeding this year. Owen Paterson, Environment Secretary, said:

Bovine TB is spreading at an alarming rate and causing real devastation to our beef and dairy industry. The authorisation letters issued today confirming culling can proceed this summer in West Gloucestershire and West Somerset is an important step towards taking the action we need to tackle the spread of this disease in wildlife.

I am determined that there are no further delays this year. That is why we have taken the sensible step with the farming industry to elect a reserve area that can be called upon should anything happen to prevent culling in Somerset or Gloucestershire.

These pilot culls are just one part of our approach to control and eradicate this dreadful disease. We are using everything at our disposal to get to grips with TB including new tougher controls on moving cattle, increased herd testing and working to get effective vaccines ready as soon as possible.

The experience of countries such as the Republic of Ireland, the United States, Australia and New Zealand shows that TB in cattle cannot be controlled without also tackling the disease in the surrounding wildlife.  In New Zealand, the number of infected cattle and deer herds has been reduced from 1,700 in the mid 1990s to fewer than 100 in 2011. This is as a result of rigorous bio-security measures, strict cattle movement controls and proactive wildlife management. The authorisation letters issued by Natural England mean that culling will be able to proceed at any point from 1 June. The pilot culls will last for 6 weeks and will be repeated annually for four years. The pilots are being carried out to test the chosen method of culling through free shooting. The pilots will be independently assessed to check the method is both effective in removing enough badgers and humane. The reserve pilot in Dorset will be prepared in the same way as the two licensed areas so that it is ready to proceed if necessary in the summer.

Are you for or against the cull? please leave your views

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