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Whats wrong with what we eat?

Mark Bittman: What’s wrong with what we eat

Have a look at this video, it should make you think about your eating habits!

For instance did you know;

  • Seventy billion animals are factory farmed and eaten in the World every year!

  • That each of the Worlds 1.5 billion cows emits the same amount of methane as a car!

  • That more antibiotics are used in the treatment of of factory farmed animals than in humans and then these untested drugs find their way into the human food chain.

  • That if you eat meat on a regular basis you are 20% more likely to get cancer later in life!


If Animals Could Talk

Sometimes you can express your feelings about life more easily with a poem or rhyme.


If we asked calves with no room to move
To tell us how they feel
Do you think that they would say
Can’t wait to be your veal

If questioned would a foie gras goose
Retort, I don’t know why
You have to force my food in
So much until I die

Or put this questions to a sheep
Are you really such a glutton
Would he reply, it’s not for me
I’m just producing mutton

The chickens crowded in the shed
So crammed they have to fight
Would they say, get us out of here
We want to see the light

And standing in the farrowing crate
Would the sow be heard to say
If I could reach my piglets
I would take them far away

But animals can’t talk, can’t say a word
They don’t have any choices
And even if they could
Would we still ignore the voices?

Paul Svendsen


Fortnum & Mason defends its right to sell foie gras


Fortnum & Mason defends its right to sell foie gras

What do you think about this article in the Daily Telegraph?

How we can allow animals to be tortured like this just so we can have a delicacy to eat!

This is the environment geese should be in, not imprisoned in small cages being force fed! One of the ways we can stop this type of abuse is to not buy from businesses who exploit animals. 

Although WTFAW is small at the moment the larger we grow the more we can help. Please let me and others know your thoughts by providing feedback to this post.

Paul Svendsen

“ignorance is hell for animals”

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