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I’m a Rat

I’m a rat nothing wrong with me

We’ve been around through history

We are blamed for spreading disease

Our actions bring you to your knees

We like to take what you throw away

The pile grows bigger every day

You waste so much that it’s not hard

To be a rat in your back yard

You store up food you will never use

You farm other species and abuse

We have evolved into what we are

With your waste we will go far

You poison, trap and shoot our kind

Our presence drives you out of your mind

But you are the reason that we thrive

Your actions make sure we stay alive

We could teach you so much us rats

But you will just ignore the facts

We will never live in harmony

So your world will never be rat free

Paul Svendsen

Killing With Pollution

This video really shows the problems we cause to our planet and begs the question, what legacy are we leaving our children?

More importantly will our teachings encourage the next generation to emulate or rebel against us? Lets hope it is the latter!

Thanks Dad for sending me this link, I for one will do what I can and knowing you care means a great deal.

Paul Svendsen

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