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Christmas Appeal

Christmas is a great time to boost your resources and it is vitally important to make the most of this season of good will.

You should have sent out your Christmas newsletter by now if you have things to sell to give people plenty of time to order and for you to dispatch. If you don’t have sales items then you should be thinking of sending in early December by snail mail and a bit later via e-mail so that you can benefit from the Christmas feeling of good will.

Send any stories with Christmas appeal to your local and National media contacts, very often they are looking for fillers and a well-timed press release could result in some free exposure.

There is an argument for sending your sales catalogue early to your warm supporters and following up closer to Christmas via e-mail. If you do not have many e-mail addresses on your data-base then consider asking for them in your snail mail post and thanking them via e-mail before Christmas.

A Happy Christmas from the founder or CEO via e-mail is a nice gesture, there should be no appeal with this one but you will be surprised how many people will send you a donation in return!

Christmas is a time when you can use your less hard-hitting stories focusing on the ah factor rather than concentrating people’s minds on negative aspects. A before and after picture of a bad welfare case works well during the Christmas period concentrating on the benefits of your organisation.

With money tight the more you can use free resources like email and social media to fund-raise the better so if you still rely on good old snail mail and other more expensive communication methods, think about learning the skills you need to make the most of digital media or about recruiting someone who can help you get up to speed.

I hope your Christmas campaigning goes well!

Paul Svendsen


Digital Marketing Part Two

I want to start this post by adding to the last subject in “Digital Marketing Part One” I must admit that I am also on a steep learning curve at the moment, although I have years of experience in charity administration and fundraising, technology has moved so fast in the last few years that there are now many more ways to use the available options.

For instance with regard to web and blog sites, sites like WordPress have become so sophisticated that for many small organisations linked with other social media sites they can be used as your sole digital address. I would be interested to hear from anyone using just a blog site.

I am going to have a go and use a WordPress site for my Consultancy work. Look for the link soon!

OK I wanted to talk about the use of e-mails for charities, although it has virtually replaced “snail mail” for most people, many older people still like to use pen and paper.

Now this can be a problem for charities as communicating by e-mail is not only efficient in terms of time but also in terms of cost. When you consider the financial cost of sending mail-out appeals and the cost to the environment there are very strong reasons to try and convert as many of your communications with supporters as possible to e-mail.

Apart from day to day communication e-mails can also be an effective fundraising tool. I will go into marketing via e-mail in a later post.

You should obtain e-mail addresses at every opportunity but keep snail mail for those people who don’t want to change.  The following are just some examples of ways of acquiring e-mail addresses;

  • request communication vie e-mail in your newsletters
  • Make sure you get the e-mail addresses of  your visitors in your visitors book
  • Add any existing email contacts to your mailing list
  • It may be worth combining a fundraising appeal with an appeal for e-mail addresses to your “snail mail supporters”
  • If you go to events/shows collect e-mail addresses, a small prize competition is a good way to do this
  • In all these approaches stress the savings to the charity
  • You can get very good e-mail software to manage your email communication, the following link will take you to a resource to give you some ideas


I hope you found this post useful and will write again soon, the next post will be looking at Direct Mail





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