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A Short Rant

I woke this morning and listened to the doom and gloom that is the news. Along with the stories of tornadoes and wars, I noted Princess Ann encouraging people to eat horses to improve welfare and DEFRA falling out among themselves over yet another extension to the badger cull.

It seems to me that we are focusing on the results of our actions and not the causes

Indiscriminate breeding of horses causes the horse problems, modern farming practices causes the badger problems. It’s the same for dogs, cats, guinea pigs and all pets and wildlife that we “manage”

Until we admit that we create the problems, we will continue to justify the actions we are forced to take to clear up the mess.

I now believe that treating the results of the problems we cause could be making it worse.

What do you believe?


Badger Cull Posponed

The badger cull has now been postponed until next summer, you can read about the details of the postponement on the DEFRA website but how can we find a solution to the long-term problem?

In my recent post “An argument for saving badgers” some ideas were put forward but it ignored the option of vaccinating the susceptible badger population. Although this is not a short-term solution within ten years it could significantly reduce cross infection between badgers and bovine. It could also provide jobs for hundreds of people in the countryside. Have a read of this article from DEFRA where they explain the process and the availability of training courses.

Before this short reprieve period runs out we need to find an alternative, WTFAW will be looking at ways of promoting this option and others but everybody who cares about animal welfare needs to get involved.

Please share your views and ideas and follow the WTFAW projects posts to see what you can do!

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