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Find Your Voice

Having watched so many videos exposing instances of animal cruelty recently, it made me think about the cause of all this suffering, and what could be done about it.

The easy option is to keep our heads stuck firmly in the sand, pat our dogs or stroke our cats whilst supporting the terrible cruelty in modern intensive farming today.

The easy option is to say, well what can I do, I am just one person.

The easy option is to let the giant supermarkets and the meat industry continue to give us what we want at a price that salves our conscience.

If we all think that our lone voices will not make a difference, then nothing will ever change. But if we all make the choice as individuals to do something, we will become the united voice for change that the big organisations will have to listen to.

Just a small change by a lot of people can make a big difference, if everybody gave up eating animal products just one day it would prevent the suffering for millions of animals around the World.

Go on…. Try giving up for just one day a week, and be part of something great.


Help Stop Live Pony Carousel’s In Spain


They walk in circles for hours and hours accompanied by the blare of music and screaming children. They are given no more rights then their wooden counterparts, who at least cannot suffer. What message do we give our children about respecting the dignity of the animals we share this planet with. If they do not realise the suffering the ponies endure as they enjoy their rides, what hope of them becoming adults who will respect the rights of animals in the future.

Please sign this petition and add your voice to the thousands who have already done so


Japan Told to Stop Whale Hunting

Some good news for a change! Since 2005 Japan has harpooned 3600 Minke Whales but now they are being forced to stop the killing.

Read more in the Guardian Online HERE.

Lets just hope the Japanese Government does not find some way to get around the ban.


Badger Cull Works in Ireland?

Here is an interesting article about the culling of badgers in Southern Ireland.

I am still of the opinion that culling has little to do with the decline in the number of cases of bovine TB. In Ireland a whole raft of other measures were introduced at the same time, such as a much more draconian movement of livestock regime.

The Irish government has stated that their preferred control method would be to vaccinate. but at the moment it is not cost-effective.

Perhaps all the large animal welfare charities and government should, instead of fighting each other, work together to raise enough funds to vaccinate.

The Cost of a Pizza

This recent report in the Guardian highlights the terrible suffering animals go through to provide our favorite foods.

Cow abuse video

This is just the tip of a greed driven industry fueled by cost cutting consumers.

Are we really content to let over 55 billion animals suffer every year in this way?


Apart from the animal cruelty issues, there are many health concerns with eating meat. Read the information from the charity “EVOLVE” if you want to find out more…or perhaps you don’t!

Make your 2014 resolution to either cut down on or give up eating animals….

…and make the World a kinder and healthier place to live (for all of us)

Common sense comes late in the day for hundreds of Badgers!

Click the link below to see the BBC report on the Badger Cull.

What a shame so many badgers had to die before they realised they were wrong! I just hope that they will now go down the vaccination route.


The Badger Debacle Continues

Badger cull

If any of us mortals failed so miserably to meet our own stated goals we would never be given a second chance. But it seems that DEFRA, with the Governments blessing and financial support can carry on massacring badgers despite.




How is it that DEFRA can ignore laws which state it is illegal to take, Injure or kill a badger?

The whole thing is a joke and typifies how we approach animal welfare when it “may” threaten money-making enterprises.

Not able to shoot in a straight line, the teams of so-called experts resorted to caging the animals first and then shooting the helpless creatures!

Because targets were not met, DEFRA’s own scientific evidence indicates that the risk of spreading TB among the bovine herds in the cull areas has been increased!

So instead of trapping these poor animals in cages and blasting them to pieces, they could have trapped and inoculated them in the first place!

What a wast of innocent animal lives and tax payers money. and what a terrible reflection on our country.

Now is the time to stop the slaughter so please;

Write to your local MP and ask them to sign the Early day motion 299


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