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Badger Cull Works in Ireland?

Here is an interesting article about the culling of badgers in Southern Ireland.

I am still of the opinion that culling has little to do with the decline in the number of cases of bovine TB. In Ireland a whole raft of other measures were introduced at the same time, such as a much more draconian movement of livestock regime.

The Irish government has stated that their preferred control method would be to vaccinate. but at the moment it is not cost-effective.

Perhaps all the large animal welfare charities and government should, instead of fighting each other, work together to raise enough funds to vaccinate.

Common sense comes late in the day for hundreds of Badgers!

Click the link below to see the BBC report on the Badger Cull.

What a shame so many badgers had to die before they realised they were wrong! I just hope that they will now go down the vaccination route.


A Short Rant

I woke this morning and listened to the doom and gloom that is the news. Along with the stories of tornadoes and wars, I noted Princess Ann encouraging people to eat horses to improve welfare and DEFRA falling out among themselves over yet another extension to the badger cull.

It seems to me that we are focusing on the results of our actions and not the causes

Indiscriminate breeding of horses causes the horse problems, modern farming practices causes the badger problems. It’s the same for dogs, cats, guinea pigs and all pets and wildlife that we “manage”

Until we admit that we create the problems, we will continue to justify the actions we are forced to take to clear up the mess.

I now believe that treating the results of the problems we cause could be making it worse.

What do you believe?

The Badger Debacle Continues

Badger cull

If any of us mortals failed so miserably to meet our own stated goals we would never be given a second chance. But it seems that DEFRA, with the Governments blessing and financial support can carry on massacring badgers despite.




How is it that DEFRA can ignore laws which state it is illegal to take, Injure or kill a badger?

The whole thing is a joke and typifies how we approach animal welfare when it “may” threaten money-making enterprises.

Not able to shoot in a straight line, the teams of so-called experts resorted to caging the animals first and then shooting the helpless creatures!

Because targets were not met, DEFRA’s own scientific evidence indicates that the risk of spreading TB among the bovine herds in the cull areas has been increased!

So instead of trapping these poor animals in cages and blasting them to pieces, they could have trapped and inoculated them in the first place!

What a wast of innocent animal lives and tax payers money. and what a terrible reflection on our country.

Now is the time to stop the slaughter so please;

Write to your local MP and ask them to sign the Early day motion 299


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Dusk red light through leafy roof

Reveals a nose sniffing for proof

That no danger exists close by

Now head with stripe exposed to sky


Moving off no time to wait

Down well-worn path and under gate

She completes her tasks along the way

The same as she does every day


Then back to den so much to do

Clean out the set and rouse her crew

Five perfect cubs from down below

Emerge and play in the moons glow


With bedding changed and chores all done

Now is the time to have some fun

She gives one cub a playful nip

He jumps and rolls and makes a yip


She looks after all her family

It is just how nature should be

But humans being what we are

Will decide her fate from afar


And one night soon her cubs will learn

That mother never will return

And so alone under a dark cold sky

The cubs will one by one all die


We justify our killing spree

By saying badgers must not run free

Because they spread death and disease

Will bring our farmers to their knees


It’s not the badgers we should blame

There guilt’s not proven it is a shame

Its farming that has caused this grief

And all because we want cheap beef


When will we stop and realise

That all creatures under the skies

Deserve respect, a place to live

It is a gift only we can give


Paul Svendsen

September 2013

Protest Against The Badger Cull

The trial badger cull has started in Somerset. Add your voice to the thousands already fighting this inhumane Government backed slaughter at;


Without TB

Without TB what would I be

Without you bent on killing me

Left alone to roam at night

Not within an infrared sight


You say I bring death and disease

I bring your cattle to their knees

But your methods are most alarming

You should blame your modern farming

A thousand chickens crammed in tight

Lights on by day and on by night

Forced to lay and peck and die

Never to see the grass or sky


Pigs and cattle treated the same

All suffer for consumers gain

Force fed food and drugs and more

Delivered fresh killed to your door

Mother Nature will not just stand by

And see her animals suffer and die

She will and has taken steps you see

You call it bovine TB

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