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UK Racehorse Deaths – A Updated Tally

What does it matter the misery we cause, so long as we have fun or get rich doing it.

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2007: 135
2008: 184
2009: 154
2010: 145
2011: 157
2012: 143
2013: 131
2014: 161
2015: 22
Total: 1,232 (in 2,901 days)

A racehorse dies every 2.4 days.

(Source: Racehorse Death Watch – the data collection started on 13th March 2007; data correct as at 19th February 2015.)

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I’m a Rat

I’m a rat nothing wrong with me

We’ve been around through history

We are blamed for spreading disease

Our actions bring you to your knees

We like to take what you throw away

The pile grows bigger every day

You waste so much that it’s not hard

To be a rat in your back yard

You store up food you will never use

You farm other species and abuse

We have evolved into what we are

With your waste we will go far

You poison, trap and shoot our kind

Our presence drives you out of your mind

But you are the reason that we thrive

Your actions make sure we stay alive

We could teach you so much us rats

But you will just ignore the facts

We will never live in harmony

So your world will never be rat free

Paul Svendsen

Larry the Lamb

Larry the Lamb

It’s your special day Larry the lamb

Your chance to earn your reward from man

We’re sending you off with all your friends

To the men with the knives where your life ends

It’s not that we don’t like you Larry the lamb

But we just want to eat you don’t you understand

We know you have feelings, but we just don’t care

To us you’re a chop, cooked up not to rare


Oh don’t be sad now Larry the lamb

Butcher bill is a very nice man

His knives are especially sharp and thin

So you won’t feel a thing as they slide in


We don’t have to eat you Larry the Lamb

But we love our lamb chops so we eat what we can

Somewhere deep inside we know it’s a lie

We know we shouldn’t cause the millions to die


But who is going to stop us Larry the Lamb

Some super brain animal with a master plan

It’s not going to happen you will continue to bleed

Because man will always be driven by greed

He Knew

He knew

The one in the middle

Crushed by a hundred of his kind

He knew as did they all


Trapped inside the rumbling beast

All sound stopped except his own

The light of day not welcome now

Streaming in through widening maw


Goaded prodded screaming in protest

No chance to evade the sticks of pain

Hearing screams in front cut short

Moving inexorably forward towards his own end


If only they knew he knew

If they could share his terror, his fear

In his executioner, he met uncaring eyes

As honed blade stole life, he knew

Farmers Fed Up With Corporate Demands

Even the farmers themselves are caught in the spiral of greed fueled by the demand for cheaper meat. This video shows another side to the chicken farming argument.

The driver of this cruelty is the consumer, spurred on by the retailer.

Don’t be a part of the cruelty, say no to Factory Farming


Find Your Voice

Having watched so many videos exposing instances of animal cruelty recently, it made me think about the cause of all this suffering, and what could be done about it.

The easy option is to keep our heads stuck firmly in the sand, pat our dogs or stroke our cats whilst supporting the terrible cruelty in modern intensive farming today.

The easy option is to say, well what can I do, I am just one person.

The easy option is to let the giant supermarkets and the meat industry continue to give us what we want at a price that salves our conscience.

If we all think that our lone voices will not make a difference, then nothing will ever change. But if we all make the choice as individuals to do something, we will become the united voice for change that the big organisations will have to listen to.

Just a small change by a lot of people can make a big difference, if everybody gave up eating animal products just one day it would prevent the suffering for millions of animals around the World.

Go on…. Try giving up for just one day a week, and be part of something great.


What Price Bacon

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