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Aliens came to view our ways

They stayed with us for many days

Their mission to see if we deserved

A gift that kept our lives preserved


They came before long time ago

With seeds of life to scatter and sow

Upon the land in sea and sky

And then they left and time passed by


Now they are back and they can see

The damage done by humanity

The planet given with good intent

Now if not broken badly bent


They see the millions killed by war

Fuelled by greed and fed by poor

They see creatures of land and sea

Living lives of misery


They see the rivers and the seas

Dying slowly by degrees

They see the fallen forests lie

They know their gift will slowly die


This made the aliens very sad

It also made them mighty mad

So they decided to start anew

It was the only thing to do


They snuffed out all life in a day

And started fresh as is their way

They sowed again but had a plan

They did not include the seeds of man

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