Writing To Further Animal Welfare

Poetry Directory

Welcome to the Poetry Directory. If you have written or would like to write a poem about animals or the planet then send me the link or the poem itself and if suitable I will publish on WTFAW

Below is the current list of Authors and Poems. Mostly mine at the moment so get typing 🙂

If you would like your name here then I look forward to hearing from you.

Author Title Date Published on WTFAW
Paul Svendsen  Larry The Lamb 06-Feb-15
Paul Svendsen He Knew 12-Dec-14
Paul Svendsen Would We Care 10-Feb-14
Paul Svendsen Soaring Free 27-May-13
Paul Svendsen As We All Stood By 18-Dec-13
Paul Svendsen Badger 13-Sep-13
Paul Svendsen Dog and Cat 12-Sep-13
Paul Svendsen Breathe Again 27-May-13
Paul Svendsen Without TB 27-May-13
Paul Svendsen The Power of One 07-Mar-13
Paul Svendsen I’m A Rat 23-Feb-13
Paul Svendsen Step 19-Feb-13
Paul Svendsen Tip of the Horseburg 13-Feb-13
Paul Svendsen Have a Veggie Nice Christmas 19-Dec-12
Paul Svendsen If Animals Could Talk 04-Jan-13
Paul Svendsen Thoughts On Life 29-Jan-13
Paul Svendsen Aliens 27-Jan-14


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