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AWAKENING (Paul Svendsen)


Awakening 728 x 90 Banner

Thousands of years after they destroyed earth, men are fighting for control over the planet and all who live upon it.

But this time the animals are larger, more intelligent, and not ready to be enslaved again.

In AWAKENING, Banain, a child with very special powers sides with the animals to help them in their fight to keep their freedom.

Read how with the help of Krask the golden eagle, Bodolf the arctic wolf, and Lepe his best friend and agile mountain goat, Banain fights against Lord Erador and his army.


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What readers have said about AWAKENING.

  • I normally read fiction based on fact, I saw this authors blog site while I was looking for a new read. I started reading the taster on the blog site and was hooked straight away, it’s totally different to anything I’ve read before. Give it a go as I have you will be amazed……
  • I really enjoyed the story, it kept me gripped. The animal communication is a novel concept. Looking forward to discovering what happens in the next book.
  • This was well written and so unusual that I kept reading to find out what was the next thing to happen.
  • Paul’s hypothesis of the future, where humans and animals ability to communicate non-verbally and work together, makes for a riveting read. Understanding animal behaviour is still an unknown area to so many people and this book gives the reader an insight of what can be accomplished when all animals, including humans, can work together as equals.Thoroughly enjoyed it and looking forward to the next one.
  • Paul, I absolutely loved Awakening! A brilliantly exciting page-turner from start to finish! Just finished reading it this morning so I guess I’ll be returning to David Copperfield tonight. Thanks Paul, looking forward to the next one 


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Awakening 250 x 250 Banner

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