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Individual Vegan Margherita Pizzas with Homemade Fresh Moxarella Cheese

I have been looking for a cheese substitute for my wife who doesn’t like pizza without cheese, I will try this and report back ūüôā

Dandylion and Mushroom Risotto

Having just moved to rural Ireland I have discovered the joys of foraging on my early morning walks. If I survive my experiments I will post a few recipes for you to try, safe in the knowledge that i tried it on myself first ūüôā

Dandelions are the scourge of most gardeners, but all the plant can be eaten and they are great in salads or in dishes like this. I have been told the open flowers are great dipped in tempura batter and deep-fried, so will be trying that one soon!


Find young plants and pluck the closed buds and leaves. Do not pick from busy roadsides.

Serves one so just multiply for several diners


Splash olive oil

1 small red onion (or wild onion if you can find them)

Half handful of dandelion buds unopened

2 cloves of garlic (replace with wild garlic if you can find it

¬Ĺ cup risotto rice

A couple of medium mushrooms chopped.

1 handful of dandelion leaves washed without stalks

Splash dry white wine

A cup and a half of vegetable stock

1 Tablespoon hummus

¬ľ lemon

Dandielion Risotto



Chop the onions, crush and chop the garlic and put into pot along with the dandelion buds. Sweat for a few minutes, then add the rice and sweat for a couple more. Add mushrooms and wine, and cook until liquid has gone. Add half a cup of stock and the dandelion leaves and simmer stirring occasionally, gradually adding more stock as needed. When rice is cooked add seasoning and stir in Hummus. Serve with a couple of slices of your favourite bread and a squeeze of lemon.

One-pot mushroom & potato curry | BBC Good Food


Keep out the cold with this tasty vegan curry!

One-pot mushroom & potato curry | BBC Good Food.

Lunch Today

I was just in the kitchen preparing some lunch when I though, this recipe is so quick, easy, tasty and healthy that I should share it with you so here goes!

I call it, Lazy Mans Potatoes, here are the ingredients( this feed the two of us with enough left over to snack on in the evening)

  • Four or five medium-sized potatoes cut into 1 inch squares ( I¬†don’t peel mine but you can if you want)
  • Two Large onions rough chopped
  • Three cloves of garlic chopped( I love garlic so often use more and leave some whole)
  • two or three frying peppers rough chopped
  • two or more fresh, frozen or dried chili peppers (depending ¬†if you like a kick or not)
  • Around two table spoons of Olive oil
  • Salt and pepper to taste
  • Lemon Juice, chopped chives or other favorite herb
  • Paprica


Put everything except lemon juice and herbs a large heavy-duty pan or wok and mix around so that the oil covers everything. Place on stove and cook vigorously for around 20 mins or until potatoes are cooked stirring occasional, just before the potatoes go soft turn of the heat add lemon juice and herbs and let stand covered for about five minutes. I like to leave without stirring too often so that some of the onions and skins go crispy, makes cleaning the pan a chore but its worth it!

Sprinkle paprika on top and serve with a salad and bread rolls of your choice.

That’s it, I wrote this whilst mine was cooking!

Enjoy ūüôā


Whats wrong with what we eat?

Mark Bittman: What’s wrong with what we eat

Have a look at this video, it should make you think about your eating habits!

For instance did you know;

  • Seventy billion animals are factory farmed and eaten in the World every year!

  • That each of the Worlds 1.5 billion cows emits the same amount of methane as a car!

  • That more antibiotics are used in the treatment of of factory farmed animals than in humans and then these untested drugs find their way into the human food chain.

  • That if you eat meat on a regular basis you are 20% more likely to get cancer later in life!

Live and Let Live For Welfare and Health

There has never been a better time to consider¬†changing our¬†lifestyles, with the recent news of horse burgers, processed meat cancer scares and a multitude of other welfare related animal concerns, whether¬†you’re an¬†animal¬†welfarist, concerned about your health or want to get more from¬†your¬†shopping budget the message has never been stronger, going Vegan or¬†Vegetarian is¬†the best thing to do.

Just consider the facts

  • Most processed meat products have undisclosed contents
  • Most processed meat products contain carcinogens which increase the risk of cancer
  • Most non processed meats have high¬†saturated¬†fat and¬†cholesterol¬†content both of which are¬†harmful¬†to our bodies
  • The production of meat is harming the planet, the industry¬†creates more greenhouse¬†gasses¬†than the Worlds entire transport system
  • Many farming techniques are cruel and cause pain and misery to millions of animals every year
  • No matter what the wrapper says you will never really¬†know¬†if the meat you eat has suffered or not.
  • Eating¬†meat is not sustainable in the long-term, you can produce ten times the amount of non meat products on the same¬†amount¬†of land
  • Eating¬†meat is expensive, you could cut your shopping budget by cutting out meat products.
  • Did I mention that eating meat increases the risk of bowel cancer?

Its not hard to give up meat any more, there are hundreds of non meat products out there just waiting to be discoverer and actually they taste great. Just go on to some of the vegan and vegetarian sites and you will find amazing recipes and meat free products, check out the link sites here on WTFAW

Now is the time to change you lifestyle and cut out or reduce the amount of meat you eat, it will be better for you and your family, better for the animals we share this planet with and better for the planet itself!

Vegans Can’t Eat Anything

Found this clip via http://theflexitarianspot.com/

Have a look, it will make you think!

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