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Mijas Donkey Taxi Problems



Mijas typifies the problems facing donkeys in many Mediterranean tourist attractions. Fueled by tourist from all over the world looking for something to do to fill their holidays, a trip to Mijas and a ride on the donkeys seems like an innocent enough pastime.

But it’s what goes on behind the scenes that is the problem.


Harsh treatment, terrible stabling and inadequate veterinary and hoof care makes the donkeys lives a misery.

I spent many years working on trying to improve the working conditions for donkeys in places like Mijas and Santorini. My approach was to try to work with the owners and local authorities to improve conditions and implement codes of practice, but the sad truth is that many years down the line not much has improved.

Unfortunately it is profit that drives the owners and the authorities, unless the latter think that they can gain more votes by acting like they care.

The truth is that codes of practice and promises do not work unless they are backed up by action and in most cases the owners are left to get away with whatever they want.

I am not saying that donkeys should not have a purpose, in fact if done correctly many donkey projects, such as animal assisted  therapy and donkey walking can benefit donkeys providing stimulation and security for donkeys who may otherwise find themselves in trouble.

So what is the right way forward? Well in my opinion the only thing that makes a difference is to either effect the purses of the operators, or the credibility of the authorities. If the fee paying public refuse to ride the donkeys or the authorities receive lots of negative press then, things may just change for the better

I have a good friend Michael Owens who lives in Mijas and has worked tirelessly, not only for the donkeys of Mijas, but also for the abandoned cats dogs and many other animals.

Michael is currently running a petition to improve conditions for the Mijas donkeys which you can sign here.

Please do sign and add your voice to the growing number who are against cruelty to animals in the tourism industry.


Donkey Care in Greece

I worked for many years in Greece with a very animal welfare orientated vet called Elisa Geskou. She helped me set up a donkey shelter in the center of Greece and worked for other animal welfare organisations.

Now Elisa with a team of other professionals have set up an animal welfare charity called LAXESIS. (CLICK ON THE NAME TO VISIT HER SITE)

Laxesis have an immense task in front of them and could do with support, so if you can, please help them.



Find Your Voice

Having watched so many videos exposing instances of animal cruelty recently, it made me think about the cause of all this suffering, and what could be done about it.

The easy option is to keep our heads stuck firmly in the sand, pat our dogs or stroke our cats whilst supporting the terrible cruelty in modern intensive farming today.

The easy option is to say, well what can I do, I am just one person.

The easy option is to let the giant supermarkets and the meat industry continue to give us what we want at a price that salves our conscience.

If we all think that our lone voices will not make a difference, then nothing will ever change. But if we all make the choice as individuals to do something, we will become the united voice for change that the big organisations will have to listen to.

Just a small change by a lot of people can make a big difference, if everybody gave up eating animal products just one day it would prevent the suffering for millions of animals around the World.

Go on…. Try giving up for just one day a week, and be part of something great.



Do not pay for an animal show

To SeaWorld and Circuses please don’t go

For the animals there do not have a voice

They perform for you without a choice

Whales and dolphins, elephants too

All are suffering to perform for you

Ripped away from their natural home

Or bred in captivity, forced to live alone

So please spend your money cruelty free

Not on promoting pain and misery

For when you say no and abstain

Animals can live their lives free again

Be Brave

Watching videos that questions our way of life is a very hard thing to do.

I just watched this one and even though I do not eat meat, it made me realise that there is so much more I can do to help improve this world for animals

If you care about animals then please take the time to watch it. If it motivates you enough to change, then it will be worth it!

Please help Equines in Ireland


mayo horse and pony

Equines in Ireland are facing a bleak future at the moment, and with winter near at hand things can only get worse. There are a few good organisations doing the best they can, one of which is, The Horse and Donkey Sanctuary  Mayo

They have just rescued 32 horses and Mules and are desperately trying to find homes or accommodate them. If you can help in any way either by providing a home for a horse or mule or by giving a donation please click the link below to find out more.


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Chickens Used for Food | Factory Farming: Cruelty to Animals | Animals Used for Food | The Issues | PETA.

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