Writing To Further Animal Welfare

He Knew

He knew

The one in the middle

Crushed by a hundred of his kind

He knew as did they all


Trapped inside the rumbling beast

All sound stopped except his own

The light of day not welcome now

Streaming in through widening maw


Goaded prodded screaming in protest

No chance to evade the sticks of pain

Hearing screams in front cut short

Moving inexorably forward towards his own end


If only they knew he knew

If they could share his terror, his fear

In his executioner, he met uncaring eyes

As honed blade stole life, he knew


Comments on: "He Knew" (2)

  1. Heartbreaking. This writing screams out to the empathy of the human species. Shared on our Facebook page. Thank you, Paul. Your work is so awesome. ~ Gerean

  2. A sad behavior of a so called civilized man.

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