Writing To Further Animal Welfare

As We All Stood By

If you watch this video to the end you will see that it is not only millions of animals that suffer through our greed……

…..but ultimately ourselves.


As we all stood by

the breath of a thousand young  souls

leaking from hot cramped cages

as the lorries roll into the abattoir

terror the common denominator

As we all stood by

cage opens legs grabbed terror increases

wings flapping useless, voices screaming

bodies hung on hooks no chance of escape

moving towards there mechanical end

 As we all stood by

electric shocks stun, heads and wings hang

knives cut, steam scalds, bodies ready

in automated measure all trace of life removed

prepared packed and chilled souls still departing

As we all stood by

special offer today no more cheep just cheap

detached from reality the deed done for us

shielded from the responsibility of wielding the blade

we ask no questions, don’t want the answers

As we all stood by




Comments on: "As We All Stood By" (5)

  1. Paul, your poem exposes the hard heartless reality with cutting precision. I won’t–can’t watch the video although I know how all too well how it all ends.

    • Thanks Peter, although watching such material is hard I know, the last few moments of this one surprised me as it showed not only the damage done to animals but also to the humans who feed on them.

  2. Paul ~ This is wonderful poetry and I have re-read it many times in the past and again now. Thank you for sharing your gift of writing and for your obvious compassion for our brothers and sisters, The Animal Spirits. ~ Gerean

    • Thanks so much Gerean, as always your comments help me to keep going, I have not written a new poem for a while but will now very soon!

      • Please do write soon. You know I am a big fan of your work. Moreover, your poetry influences empathy for The Animal Spirits. I see you have published your book. Congratulations! ~ Gerean

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