Writing To Further Animal Welfare

If you like “The Lord of the Rings” and “Merlin”  mixed with a healthy dose of  “Animal Farm”, then AWAKENING, the first in the Chronicles of Banain, is a book you should try.

Set five thousand years in the future it follows the life of Banain, a child born in to post apocalyptic earth with very special powers. Almost wiped out as a species by the terrible storms and freezing conditions in a world that is now half covered in ice, man is just starting to dominate the planet again.

But this time the animals are bigger, more intelligent, and can talk!

At just three months old, Banain is rescued from the jaws of death by an eagle called Krys. This event sets in motion the roller coaster adventure that is Banain’s life and sees him joining forces with the immortals, who train his mental and physical abilities.

Banain has to grow beyond his years quickly if he is to survive, and with the help of the immortals and his animal friends, save the world from destruction again. 

Why not read the first few chapters and if you like it download or buy AWAKENING. You can read the reviews here.



Comments on: "What type of book is Awakening?" (2)

  1. And…I’m sold. Sounds awesome, I’ll probably start after I finish my current read (Foundation Series by Asimov). Very helpful review!

  2. Thanks! I look forward to hearing what you think… I love your blog, we are just moving to a very small cottage in Ireland where all the rooms are much smaller then we currently have. We plan to go self sufficient as although the house is small we have land to grow food and a peat bog so we can provide our own fuel! I was planning to extend the house but your site has made me think about that. I think I will wait a while and see how we get on. Keep on the good work.

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