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Chicky Fire1 (800x533)

For the last week it has been quite cold in the mornings, so we have been re-kindling the fire from the night before. This morning I decided to have a cup of tea first.

I had only just sat down when one of our two dogs “Chiquita” did her, you need to do something noise. (which sounds like a mix between a soft growl and a purr) She was sat in front of the cold fire looking at me as if to say “Hey you’re not going to sit there and drink tea whilst I  freeze are you!”

Chicky Fire 2 (800x533)

Fifteen minutes later I could finally finish my tea once her ladyship was warm enough. As I sat there watching her, I realised that she had me and my wife Stef fully trained!

This is her list of commands

  1. Let me out. Scrapes with her paws on the door
  2. Let me back in. As above (if we are not quick enough the intensity builds, now both our dogs know how to do it!)
  3. Its time for food. Soft growl/purr and stares until we give in.
  4. Its time for our evening treat. Follows us into kitchen and stares at cupboard where treats are kept
  5. I want to get up on the couch or bed. Soft growl/purr accompanied sometimes by pawing leg or furniture
  6. Ratting on the cats. If they are misbehaving she keeps running up to you and then shoots off to show you what they are up to.

She actually saved the life of one of our rescued cats by growling at me until i got out of bed to follow her into the garden, where a still wet newborn kitten was lying on the path.

I am sure everyone who has pets has similar stories to tel, and it just reminds me of the intelligence and feelings our pets have. I am sure it is the same for all animals.

Do you have an interesting animal story to tell?


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