Writing To Further Animal Welfare

No Portugal Project :(

I decided not to go ahead with the project in Portugal, when I realised that Bridget was not ready to make the leap required.  I think it was the right decision for all concerned.

Growing past a certain stage is a challenge that faces many small charities, and sometimes bigger is not better. To do what is required requires major mind-set and work practice changes, in this case, Bridget saw every rescued animal as her own and wanted to keep them in her way.

This is OK for a small organisations, but scaling up requires a more structured approach to all aspects of the organisation and in this case, re homing strategies. For Bridget small is beautiful and her animals have found a caring home for life.

If there were thousands more like Bridget,  there would be no need for the bigger organisations, who have to clean up after the indifference, so many humans have towards animals.

WTFAW will keep in contact with Bridget and continue to help when we can.


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