Writing To Further Animal Welfare

There has never been a better time to consider changing our lifestyles, with the recent news of horse burgers, processed meat cancer scares and a multitude of other welfare related animal concerns, whether you’re an animal welfarist, concerned about your health or want to get more from your shopping budget the message has never been stronger, going Vegan or Vegetarian is the best thing to do.

Just consider the facts

  • Most processed meat products have undisclosed contents
  • Most processed meat products contain carcinogens which increase the risk of cancer
  • Most non processed meats have high saturated fat and cholesterol content both of which are harmful to our bodies
  • The production of meat is harming the planet, the industry creates more greenhouse gasses than the Worlds entire transport system
  • Many farming techniques are cruel and cause pain and misery to millions of animals every year
  • No matter what the wrapper says you will never really know if the meat you eat has suffered or not.
  • Eating meat is not sustainable in the long-term, you can produce ten times the amount of non meat products on the same amount of land
  • Eating meat is expensive, you could cut your shopping budget by cutting out meat products.
  • Did I mention that eating meat increases the risk of bowel cancer?

Its not hard to give up meat any more, there are hundreds of non meat products out there just waiting to be discoverer and actually they taste great. Just go on to some of the vegan and vegetarian sites and you will find amazing recipes and meat free products, check out the link sites here on WTFAW

Now is the time to change you lifestyle and cut out or reduce the amount of meat you eat, it will be better for you and your family, better for the animals we share this planet with and better for the planet itself!


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  1. Am sharing a link to this post on our facebook page at: http://www.facebook.com/TheAnimalSpirits ~Gerean

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