Writing To Further Animal Welfare

Thoughts on Life

The leaves are blown by an unruly wind

soon to be cast down upon the hard unyielding earth

and blown across barren wastes that were once beautiful forests.

In time those leaves are absorbed by that barren soil

and feed and nourish a new and ever growing forest.

If you compare our lives with those of the leaves

you will find that many of us although blown by a similar wind

never try to feed or nourish any but ourselves.

I hope in a World of hate and anger enough leaves will be left

to nourish a new forest.

Paul Svendsen

April 1978


Comments on: "Thoughts on Life" (1)

  1. Your art is blessed by powers greater than what is finite. The world will someday come to an end. The sun will someday burn out. But the spirit that we generate, I believe, will continue infinitely. Your spirit is making a profound difference. Be encouraged. Thank you. ~Gerean

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