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Around now is the most difficult time to stick to resolutions we made at the end of 2012. I got up this morning and nearly didn’t do the 30 mins of exercise I promised myself I would do three times a week. In the end I did and now I am sat at the keyboard feeling pleased with myself, but it’s that short space that is just before the event that is most difficult, when you say to yourself “I will do it tomorrow” and I know if I do that, tomorrow will never come!

This is the problem with most things in life that you have to make an effort to achieve, it is easier to put them off until you can say to yourself, well it’s too late to start now I will do it for sure next time or next year.

The strange thing is that when you do achieve your objectives you feel great about it, yet it does not seem to be a strong enough motivator to combat the lethargy that comes before the event

If you have any tips you can share to achieve your objectives then let me and the other readers know

Happy New Years Resolutions!



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  1. what i read at wordpress today and remembered from P.T. and always forget: breathing through your diaphragm.

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