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Fortnum & Mason defends its right to sell foie gras

What do you think about this article in the Daily Telegraph?

How we can allow animals to be tortured like this just so we can have a delicacy to eat!

This is the environment geese should be in, not imprisoned in small cages being force fed! One of the ways we can stop this type of abuse is to not buy from businesses who exploit animals. 

Although WTFAW is small at the moment the larger we grow the more we can help. Please let me and others know your thoughts by providing feedback to this post.

Paul Svendsen

“ignorance is hell for animals”


Comments on: "Fortnum & Mason defends its right to sell foie gras" (3)

  1. Foie gras just makes me sick! How can anyone do this? And buy it .. I have this for you, a little light in all the darkness. You’ll love it! http://www.ted.com/talks/dan_barber_s_surprising_foie_gras_parable.html

    • Very interesting, I live quite close to the farm he was talking about in Spain. Whilst I applaud the approach I think those geese who were flying over would have been better off not stopping and saving there livers!

      • Yeah, absolutely! I don’t eat animals anymore so I agree, still this way is a much better way- Like organic raised animals for meat instead of factory farms 🙂

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